Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Build, it's up and running!


Today I would like to tell you about  my new PC that I built! I faced many troubles throughout the building period of this computer. At first, I couldn't get my PC to POST, I tried everything, removing sticks of ram, the graphics card, and removing the hard drive. Through some experimenting, I found out what was wrong. It was a very trivial thing, but it caused my Computer to not POST. The I/O shield was loose, shorting the whole motherboard and causing my problems! After I got my PC up and running, I played Skyrim and Battlefield 3 for around 7 hours, both games would run slowly on my old computer. With my OC'd graphics card, coupled with my hex-core CPU, I am able to run these games smooth as butter. Below this post, I will put pictures of the finished build, as well as specifications for my old and new computers.

P.S: Kindly ignore the dates on the bottom of the pictures, the date in the camera is wrong.

Specifications of my new PC:
G.Skill 2x4GB DDR3 1333, OC'D to 1337 :)
AMD Phenom II x4 960t @ 3.0 GHz ----> AMD Phenom II x6 1605t @ 3.2 GHZ @ 43 Degrees Celsius idle, and 55 degrees under load.
ASrock 970 Extreme3
Cooler Master Storm Scout (AMAZING!!!)
XFX Radeon 6790
Apevia JAVA 650W PSU

Old PC:
4x2 Samsung DDR2 RAM @ 800 mghz
AMD Phenom I 9750 @ 2.4ghz
Foxconn 880g
LITEon 300w PSU (caused alot of random shut downs)

Be sure to admire the plethora of cables stuffed in to my HDD bay. I have managed to fit them behind the motherboard tray now.

Boxes of all my parts, to give a visual representation.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Android 5.0 is coming soon!

Most mobile manufacturers haven't even started to send out updates to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and we reached the news that Google may come with Android 5.0, Jellybean, this summer.

Now you should probably take the rumors with a grain of salt, since they seem to come from sources within the manufacturing industry. There seems to be plenty of leaks that claim to know everything about everything. But even if Android 5.0 is not presented in June, there are some interesting details.

One of the changes in Android 5.0, which will be known as Jellybean, is that Google integrated its operating system, Chrome OS as dual-boot. This feature will be available for surf boards and laptops.

For users this means you can choose to boot with either Android or Chrome OS. In time, Google will probably try to merge the two systems to make one, ultimate, versatile, and unique OS.

Chrome OS has not got any major success, despite many column kilometers written about this effort. It is based fundamentally on a slimmed down Linux that boots directly into their browser Chrome. The idea is that you should only work on the web, so you install any software on your computer or store files on it - instead it's web applications and storage in the cloud that apply.

Android 4.0 has not been a great success. Several manufacturers have announced that it is going on with updates for their newer smartphones, allowing users to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, but so far it seems Android 4.0 ICS only run at about 1 percent of Android devices. Most runs Android 2.3.x Gingerbread.

How will Android 5.0 run on PCs?

According to a source, (SlashGear) we also see computers that have both Android 5.0 and Windows 8 installed, and you can switch between operating systems without having to restart the computer. From a user perspective it is difficult to see any great benefit in this. Why should ordinary people be interested to switch between operating systems?

If we look at some historical facts Android 2.3.x is the version that is most popular for smartphones, while Android 3.x is for tablets. With Android 4.0 hit you combine these two systems to make a joint that works on all devices. With Android 5.0, Google is planning to target the PC market.

I will report back as my Sources have more information.
My next blog will be about my new PC, it's up and running!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are video games addictive? Thanks for your support!

Hello Readers,

It has been a while since my last blog. Today I would like to talk about video-game addiction. I am an avid gamer my self, but I have never felt like I NEED to play. According to some recent research, it has been shown that video games cause the brain to release dopamine, the same chemicals that must drugs cause the brain to release. Dopamine is basically a pleasure receptor in the brain, when you do something fun, like swim on a hot day, it makes you feel happy. When a players tactics, or strategy work in a game, the same thing happens, the body releases dopamine to make the play happy. High amounts of dopamine release for fixed amount of time can cause problems. To much can make your regular level, when the player isn't playing video games, low. Which will cause the player to feel dull, but when the person picks up their gaming paraphernalia, they feel happy again. This series of events will eventually lead to addiction, when the player decides he need the video juegos to be happy.
What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

Other thoughts:
I am planning on redesigning my blog, to have more visual appeal. I also would like to thank all my readers for the tremendous support I have gotten in this month. has reached: 10,762 page views. Don't refer to the counter on my page, as that only counts home-page views, but it will still give you a fair idea of how many people read my blog.

Thanks, you guys are the best!

- MagikalTech

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