Friday, March 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy III

Hello Readers,

I have some interest news today, that shows just how far technology has come.  Today’s  news is about a cellphone, namely the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This phone is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy SII, which was an amazing phone, but I shied away from it, and went with the Atrix 2, (See my Review, Just look in January Archive). Here are some specs.

It is rumored that the Galaxy S III will have:

     A Quad-Core CPU at 1.5 Ghz Exynos
     A screen of 4.8 inch full HD. Yes, a 4.8-inch      display with a 1080p resolution.
     8 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front
     Android 4.0

Pretty interesting features, but 1080p in 4.8 inches? Furthermore, it appears that the terminal will be built in ceramic, an interesting change after seeing so much plastic in recent years with Android smartphones.

Also, a Quad-Core CPU?  That’s AMAZING! Imagine the gaming, rendering, and video editing possibilities, with the 4.8 inch screen.

I personally cannot wait for this amazing phone to come out.




Anonymous said...

Wow, it is amazing how according to the specs, some phones give older laptops and computers a run for their money

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