Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Android Apps With Ads May Not Be Safe

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Nowadays digital devices and apps goes hand in hand, so it seems. If you have a digital device you'll need an app for productivity, and the same is true with app that it needs to run on smartphones and tablet computers, for example, in order for the apps to work.
I'm pretty sure that a huge number of people are using and downloading apps all the time, especially free Android apps from the Android Market which is now Google Play. But beware of free apps with ads. You may be wondering why, I suppose.

The North Carolina State University researchers behind this theory suggest that these apps download and run codes from online sources without the users knowing about them, and just like that, their contact lists and other important informations have been already stolen and compromised. The team also discovered that nearly half of free apps had "libraries that track a user's GPS locations and one in 23 apps allowed that data to be passed back to the advertisers.
However, some North Carolina State University researchers said that the individual apps themselves are harmless and safe, but there's a possibility that the ads they run could download malware into your device and control it because it has the same permissions that the app does.

source: google,




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Ads! what a pain in the app! lol.

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