Friday, April 6, 2012

iDevices made into Braille writers

It wasn't too long ago where we saw a student create a tablet braille writer, and now some researchers from Georgia Tech University have done the same thing for smaller touchscreens, too. The professors/scientists produced a prototype app, called BrailleTouch, that has six keys to input letters using the Braille writing system and audio to confirm each letter as it's entered. To use the app, you simply turn the phone face down, hold it in landscape mode and start typing. As you can see above, it's currently running on an iPhone, but the researchers see it as a universal eyes-free texting app for any touchscreen. Early studies with people proficient in Braille writing show that typing on BrailleTouch is six times faster than other eyes-free texting solutions -- up to 32 words per minute at 92 percent accuracy. I think it is marvelous for the visually impaired to get a chance to text. 

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