Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are video games addictive? Thanks for your support!

Hello Readers,

It has been a while since my last blog. Today I would like to talk about video-game addiction. I am an avid gamer my self, but I have never felt like I NEED to play. According to some recent research, it has been shown that video games cause the brain to release dopamine, the same chemicals that must drugs cause the brain to release. Dopamine is basically a pleasure receptor in the brain, when you do something fun, like swim on a hot day, it makes you feel happy. When a players tactics, or strategy work in a game, the same thing happens, the body releases dopamine to make the play happy. High amounts of dopamine release for fixed amount of time can cause problems. To much can make your regular level, when the player isn't playing video games, low. Which will cause the player to feel dull, but when the person picks up their gaming paraphernalia, they feel happy again. This series of events will eventually lead to addiction, when the player decides he need the video juegos to be happy.
What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

Other thoughts:
I am planning on redesigning my blog, to have more visual appeal. I also would like to thank all my readers for the tremendous support I have gotten in this month. magikaltech.blogspot.com has reached: 10,762 page views. Don't refer to the counter on my page, as that only counts home-page views, but it will still give you a fair idea of how many people read my blog.

Thanks, you guys are the best!

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Feathers said...

The video games can be addictive in a psychological sense but not in a chemical sense (i.e. not in the same sense as cocaine or heroin).

Anonymous said...

I feel like video games CAN be addicting if you let them be. Not to say I think you'll go through physical withdrawl if you're away from them for too long, but take my roommate for instance. He would honestly choose video games over spending time with his girlfriend. A little strange, if you ask me.

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